Frequently asked questions

Are Quadcapture's operators qualified/insured?

Yes, All of our pilots have a Bnuc-S qualification and the company is CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) certified to work commercially having obtained a PFCO (Permission for commercial operation). The company also has full public liability insurance. You if can check if our permission is still valid anytime by clicking Here


How long can you fly for?

Each battery can last between 15-20 minutes depending on weather conditions, but ideally we don't like to push the batteries to the max.

Where do you operate/work?

We can operate anywhere in the uk with enough notice and time to organise it but some of the places we cover are as follows, Oswestry, Shrewsbury, Wrexham, Welshpool, Telford, Chester, Chirk, Ellesmere, Whitchurch, Newtown, Shropshire, Cheshire, North Wales, Mid Wales and West midlands.

Is flying a Drone safe?

Yes, we operate with safety as the number one priority. We survey sites before arriving and whilst on site perform risk assessments before the flight takes place. The drones are regularly checked and tested before each flight and have a number of built in fail safes in case problems arise. All our pilots have passed both ground courses (where their air law knowledge and safety procedures have been tested) and flight tests (where general air safety and emergency procedures both shown and tested in the field). Under no circumstance will we fly if it is not safe to do so even if this means turning down the work. Safety is our number one Priority.

Can I see what is being filmed/Photographed?

Yes, we have a constant live feed running from the drone to our ground station so you will be able to see what it being filmed and photographed.

How much does it cost?

Each job is different so it's best to email or call us for a quote. Factors such as Location, Risk, Pre flight work (Permissions and site surveys for example) and Post flight work ( depending on if you just want the photographs/video or require the editing also) will affect the costs.

How high/far away can you fly?


  • The CAA permits that we fly no more than the following



  • 500 metres away from the pilot



  • 400 feet above the take off point


  • Within 50 metres of any Vessel, Vehicle or structure which is not under control of the person in charge of the aircraft

What kind of weather conditions can't you fly in?

We can't fly when it is raining due to our drones using electric batteries. We also cannot fly in strong winds particularly when working in smaller, less open areas.

What are your photo/video capabilities?

For photos we can capture in Jpeg or Raw format. For video we offer 1080p HD and 4K filming.

Terms and conditions



Each job is different so it's best to email or call us for a quote. Factors such as Location, Risk, Pre flight work (Permissions and site surveys for example) and Post flight work (depending on if you just want the photographs/video or require the editing also) will affect the costs.


Travel expenses

Travel is billed at 50 pence per mile outside of Oswestry. If more complex site surveys/letter drops are required this must be done ideally 3-4 days before the job takes place therefore further travel expenses may be incurred. If accommodation is required this will be agreed upon with the client beforehand.


Content editing policy

When we deliver the final product you are entitled to one free further edit to make us aware of things you would like to change. Please make sure you inform us of anything you would like to be changed during this time as any further alterations after this submission will incur additional editing costs.


Payment terms

25% of the fee is to be paid prior to the job starting to secure your booking (the exception being jobs happening within 48 hours of the booking request or unless otherwise agreed upon). Payment must be received within 28 days of receiving the invoice. If payment is not made within 28 days then a 20% additional charge will be added with an additional 10% added every 7 days that the payment is not made.

Postponements, cancellations and weather conditions

Aerial filming is obviously affected by weather conditions (mostly rain and strong winds). If we cannot shoot on the scheduled day due to weather conditions the shoot will be rescheduled for another time with the deposit carrying over at no additional cost. If the shoot cannot be rescheduled at all then we can discuss the cancellation and fees with the client and come to a fair and reasonable compromise. If the job is cancelled and cannot be rescheduled a £50 charge covering flight planning and a risk assessment must be paid if already carried out.


Copyright and usage

Unless a buyout of footage is specifically agreed and contracted, Quadcapture Ltd retains the copyright of all filming content. The client purchasing the services of Quadcapture Ltd will get full use of the material, however they will not be able to sell the footage or allow 3rd party companies to use it without the permission of Quadcapture Ltd.


Quadcapture Ltd reserves the right to use any of our footage for internal promotions. We also reserve the right to supply the footage to stock libraries at a later date.

Aerial Photography and Video using Drones

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